Landscape design santa barbara county

Landscape design santa barbara county

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The concept of sustainability — using resources efficiently and protecting the natural world — is essential to effective landscape design. Creating outdoor spaces that serve human beings and also support a thriving environment involves careful consideration of plants, soil, and hardscaping elements. A healthy landscape is an extension of nature, blending best ecological practices with individualized style. California native plants, as well as edible plants, are great landscape choices because their adaptation to the regions of the state makes them resilient, and they require fewer inputs such as water, fertilizers, and pesticides than other plants typically do.

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Bringing Montecito to life in every garden.

Sweet Smiling Landscapes, creates landscapes and gardens that are as artful as they are ecologically sound. Specializing in drought tolerant landscapes, edible gardens, California native plant design. As a Santa Barbara based landscape designer, I incorporate my interests in art, design, and horticulture in all of my projects.

These interests are the foundations of my career in landscape design. While earning my BFA in sculpture at California State University Long Beach, I explored themes of the human relationship with the outdoor world, particularly the ways in which humans have worked with nature to create a built-world.

I am a licensed landscape contractor, an EPA-certified Water Wise designer, certified permaculture designer, and certified Green Gardener. Today, I use my skills as an artist and my knowledge of horticulture to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces.

Contact me to let me know how I can assist with your landscape design. Sweet Smiling Landscapes designs gardens and landscapes in the Santa Barbara and Ventura region, that are as artful as they are ecologically sound.

Grounded in the principles of sustainable landscape design, Sweet Smiling Landscapes turns gardens into living pieces of art that serve to improve the local ecology.

Committed to designing gardens that are water-wise and fire-wise, I carefully consider the wants and needs of my clients with the specifications of their property. Blending the elements of sustainability and natural aesthetics, I design beautiful spaces to allow my clients to fully enjoy the outdoor areas of their home. If you are interested receiving information about, ecology, sustainable horticulture, growing food, landscape design and up coming classes please sign up to be on our mailing list!

Artful, sustainable landscape design. Natasha Elliott-Landscape Designer and Educator. Sweet Smiling Landscapes Mission Sweet Smiling Landscapes designs gardens and landscapes in the Santa Barbara and Ventura region, that are as artful as they are ecologically sound.

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Sustainable Landscape Design

Outdoor Living Inspired by Nature. Welcome to Cornerstone Landscapes. Based in Santa Barbara, California, we bring beautiful outdoor living to the residents of the greater Santa Barbara area including Goleta, Montecito and Carpinteria. We specialize in residential landscape installations that span all phases, including consultation, planning, design and construction.

Puck Erickson Lohnas is a principal and co-founder of Arcadia Studio and has She serves on the Santa Barbara County Central Board of Architectural.

Landscape Architects & Designers in Santa Barbara, CA

Ask me about creating a California native plant palette suited to the area you live in. Unique plant palettes, precise CAD plans, landscape photo imaging, 3D rendering and web conferencing during the design development phase. Design Details. Shown below is an imaged view of a landscape design followed by a photo of the yard after installation. An unused lawn is replaced with a flagstone patio, flagstone stepping stones, low water use plants, gravel and a small vegetable garden. Small spaces can present an interesting challenge as every square inch must be carefully considered and utilized - the end result being cozy and comfortable, outdoor garden room, living areas.これらの自己分離の間、オンラインで働くことは行く方法です。サイトプランはオンラインで取得でき、写真に電子メールを送信できます。そこから、スクリーン共有を介して作業します。詳細については、私にCONATACTをご覧ください。

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